What It Does

The "Idea Shuffler" is more than a concept mapping or a mind mapping tool. It provides you the ability to visualize and create ideas with diagrams that are easier to understand for both hierarchical and non-hierarchical structures. Because of this unique non-hierarchical feature, the “Idea Shuffler” provides a big advantage, as most real world problems require non-hierarchical associations. Another unique feature is the shuffle algorithm that reorganizes diagrams of your ideas to make them much easier to understand and to give you perspective for new ideas. The “Idea Shuffler” diagram organization is in harmony with human thinking and memory.


The “Idea Shuffler” applies to: work, school, investments, hobbies, and any subject you can think of. It has been used for: writing fiction and nonfiction, organizing and analyzing legal cases, taking notes, developing software, trading stocks, studying academics, brainstorming, and even training dressage horses.

Additional Features

Another feature that the “Idea Shuffler” has is called layering. This allows you to model your project with as many layers of diagrams as you need which is very useful for large project models. Finally, the “Idea Shuffler” provides single click documentation of every diagram and concept. With this feature, you have the capability to further describe your diagrams and concepts with additional descriptive text, internet links, pictures or images, and other resources to each diagram and concept of your model. The “Idea Shuffler” software acts like your personal diagram designer and does the mundane work so that you can do the thinking.