The Idea Shuffler is a unique software tool developed by ISES, LLC.

ISES, LLC is owned and managed by Ron Isaacson. Ron is an electrical engineer who has worked with many software tools during his career. He developed the Idea Shuffler to provide capabilities not currently available with any other tools in today’s market place .

The technical support for the Idea Shuffler is provided by Walter Wong who also worked on the website development. Walter was Ron’s college classmate, working many years as an electrical engineer in communication hardware designs.

Susan Downs Parrish, PhD, a psychologist, licensed in the state of Arizona, provides application support for the Idea Shuffler. She studied neuropsychology with Ralph M. Reitan, PhD. Dr. Reitan is known as the father of American neuropsychology. In her private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Parrish worked with psychologists, attorneys, and educators. Now, she helps us apply the principles of the Idea Shuffler to these fields she knows so well.