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Idea Shuffler Applications

Calculus Concept Maps and Videos

This application shows how to learn or review Calculus using “Idea Shuffler” diagrams with links to Khan Academy videos. The diagrams and videos cover what is typically called “Differential Calculus” (Calculus I), “Integral Calculus” (Calculus II), and “Multivariable Calculus” (Calculus III).

Getting Started:

  1. Watch the video at this link. Note: The video covers getting started and walks you through using the Calculus model.
  2. Download the Calculus model (zip file) by clicking the “Download Now!” button on the right.
  3. Extract the zip file into a folder of your choice.
  4. If you don’t have “Idea Shuffler” Software:
    1. Download the free or paid version from
    2. Install the “Idea Shuffler” software.
  5. Open the “Idea Shuffler” software by double-clicking the “Idea Shuffler” desktop icon.
  6. Load the Calculus.vcat file using the “Idea Shuffler” “Load Model” button. The file is located at ..Calculus/Models/Calculus.vcat. Note: The “Idea Shuffler” software will not open when you double-click a file with a “vcat” extension. You always have to use the “Load Model” button.

Download the Calculus Model





The Flow of Money Concept Map

This video uses the “Idea Shuffler,” a unique type of concept map, as an aid in explaining the flow of money through an economy. The “Circular Flow of Money” is a basic economic concept that is focused on in the video. Associations with other concepts are also presented.  Press on the link on the right to access this video.



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