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A Free Download

A free copy of the limited version of the Idea Shuffler software is available here.  The Idea Shuffler Free version, a visual thinking tool, allows a maximum of 10 concepts while the Pro version provides a maximum of 20 concepts. Otherwise, the Idea Shuffler Free version operates the same as the Pro version in features and capabilities.  You can find more specific information on the Support/FAQ menu page.  Please click the “Free Download” button below to obtain your copy of the free Idea Shuffler software. This software version works with Windows XP/7/8/10.

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Idea Shuffler for Windows

Laptop 2The Idea Shuffler creates diagrams of your ideas quickly and easily which are laid out in an organized manner that is, in many cases, easier to understand and could lead to new ideas.  The Idea Shuffler is capable of handling ideas that have many associations between concepts.